Nigel Shaun Matthews

Nigel Shaun Matthews

Mouth conditions

Mouth conditions are where my speciality perhaps comes closest to mainstream dentistry. I take referrals from both dentists and GPs for conditions including the following.

Oral cancers

Cancer is caused when a collection of cells (with oral cancers, in the mouth) develop uncontrollably, growing into a tumour. Like other cancers, oral cancers can be benign (often solvable with surgery) or malignant (growing and requiring more care to deal with.) Much progress has been made in recent years...

Lumps & bumps

Any growth on or under your skin new or not seen before - not limited to moles. In most cases they can be harmlessly removed, but in some cases they are a sign of possible cancer. Always see your GP as soon as possible if you detect one.

Mouth ulcers

Inflamed areas inside the mouth and upper throat that cause discomfort and swelling. They may also make sufferers feel tired or sleepy. Most mouth ulcers can be treated quickly and simply.

White patches

The investigation of any white patch is important, as it may be an early sign of oral cancer.