Nigel Shaun Matthews

Nigel Shaun Matthews

Oro-facial trauma


Oro-facial trauma refers to injury of the face and mouth. Since they involve tissue damage causing pain, such cases often cause the patient great distress - even if the injury itself is relatively minor.

What happens in oro-facial treatments?

While many oro-facial injuries are minor and can be fully recovered from, recovery can unfortunately often take some time. In many cases - such as a dislocated jaw - the patient may wear a prosthetic device after correction to make sure the bone and muscle stays in place during the healing process. 

Who needs oro-facial treatment?

The most common source of oro-facial injuries is car accidents - they are often caused by the face hitting hard surfaces at high speed. In recent years airbags have greatly reduced the severity of oro-facial trauma on average, but even airbags can cause significant injury by themselves, so the actual number of patients requiring such treatment remains high.