Nigel Shaun Matthews

Nigel Shaun Matthews

Total Joint Replacement (TJR)


Total Jaw Replacement is a major surgical procedure, performed in most cases for patients with extreme trauma (injury) or degenerative conditions such as bone loss or arthritis.

What happens in a TJR?

The temporomandibular joint - the part between your skull and your jawbone - is fully replaced with an artificial "hinge" made of metal and plastic that in many cases restores near-normal function to the patient's jaw. While an established procedure with an excellent success rate, it is major surgery and you should be aware of all the risks involved before electing to undertake one.

Who needs a TJR?

Often people who have lost function in their jaw through arthritis, injury, or birth conditions such as defects that have got worse over time. It may also be performed for patients who have suffered various cancers. It is not a pain relief procedure, although many patients report decreased pain upon recovery - it replaces only the bony part of the joint, so pain in the soft tissues (muscle, nerves) may remain an issue.