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My name is Dr. Nigel Shaun Matthews but please call me Shaun.

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My full name is Nigel Shaun Matthews but I have always been called Shaun by my family and friends.

I was born in London, England but was raised on the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados which remains my “spiritual” home. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Barbados, I highly recommend it for the sun, sea and sandy beaches … but mostly for the people.
With cricketing legend Sir Garfield Sobers
  • In surgery
  • With my patient Sandra, smiling again!
  • A Jaw Joint Replacement implant
  • Radiograph of Jaw Joint Replacement Implant
  • UNC 2020 Teledentistry Symposium
I am an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, someone who specializes in surgery of the mouth, jaws and face. I obtained my undergraduate dental degree from the University of Dundee, Scotland and my undergraduate medical degree from the University of London, England.

My entire postgraduate education, including my specialist residency training in oral and maxillofacial surgery was completed in the United Kingdom.
During the course of my surgical career, I’ve had the privilege of working in world class academic institutions on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean:

• Charing Cross Hospital, London (Consultant Surgeon)
• King’s College Hospital, London (Consultant Surgeon)
• University of North Carolina Adams School of Dentistry, Chapel Hill, NC (Associate Professor)
• Indiana University School of Dentistry, Indianapolis, IN (Clinical Professor & Chair; Associate Dean for Hospital Affairs; Director, TMJ Institute)
My particular areas of clinical interest are the surgical management of temporomandibular joint (TMJ/jaw joint) pathology, orthognathic (jaw deformity) surgery and the correction of maxillofacial traumatic injuries. I value the opportunity to positively change the lives of each of my patients and never take for granted the trust placed in me by those who seek my help .... it is everyone’s right to receive considered medical care.
My Barbados Golden Jubilee medal
This website serves as a narrative of my work, efforts and achievements over the years. I hope that you enjoy getting to know me better as you navigate your way through it and that it provides some insight into who I am and why I’m so passionate about the work that I do.
When I am not taking care of children and adults affected by TMJ problems, I enjoy tennis, pickleball, keeping fit and exploring far flung places. My other obsession as an avid collector of contemporary art is slowly outgrowing the available space in my home.
“Finally, I owe my achievements in life to my parents who instilled in me the values of love, respect, hard work and service; this website has also been created in their memory.”
- Dr. Nigel Shaun Matthews

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International Presentations

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